What is the purpose of the Center?

The Turner County Christian Learning Center (TCCLC)  is being formed for the purpose of allowing our students to be instructed in the Bible during normal school hours. The TCCLC is a non-profit Christian organization with a Board of Directors consisting of local Christians from different denominations who have a firm agreement that Biblical instruction is needed for our local students.


Do students receive credit for the course?

Following the successful completion of a TCCLC class, middle and high school students receive elective course credit.


Who can attend the program?

The TCCLC Board is currently discussing the possibility of a class in the middle school as well as a high school elective.  This course will be open to qualified public and homeschool students.


What is the cost for the class?

There is no cost to the student, and no local, state, or federal tax money is used to fund the class.


Then, how is the TCCLC funded?

The financial resources for this program will come from charitable sponsors including individuals, churches, foundations, and businesses.


How is this program legal?

This is a release time religious education program that was approved and viewed as constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1952.


What is the curriculum?

An accredited course developed by Walton County Christian Learning Center is the foundational course for the TCCLC course.  The course examines God’s plan for our lives outlining priorities we should have based on Scripture.  The textbook will be the BIBLE!


Who will teach this course?

The Board of Directors will select a teacher from applicants that meet specific guidelines and qualifications including Bible skills and the ability to relate to youth.


Where will the classes be taught?

Currently the classes are being taught in the Family Ministry Building of First Baptist Church.