In January 2014, the  Turner County Christian Learning Center was formed for the purpose of allowing Turner County‚Äôs Public School and Homeschool students to be instructed in the Bible during normal school hours.


We are a non-profit, Christian organization with a Board of Directors consisting of local Christians from different denominations who have a firm agreement that Biblical instruction is needed for our local students.


How is this legal?  It is legal under the Release Time Religious Education program which was approved and viewed as constitutional by the U. S. Supreme Court in 1952.


Since February 2014, Turner County Christian Learning Center has been allowed to teach Middle School and High School students who, in return, receive connection course credits or elective course credits.  This program is open to all students in participating grades, regardless of religion.


Each semester, students sign up for the class, a permission slip is signed by their parents, and students are transported to an off-campus location during regular school hours for classes lasting 50 minutes Monday through Friday.  Currently, classes are being held at First Baptist in their Family Ministries Building.


Julie West is currently serving as our interim instructor.


This school year, we have two (2) Middle School classes for grades 6th and 7th.  We have approximately 32 students this semester.


Classes are based on funding through private donations, and the school schedule.


Once again, we are a non-profit organization.  We do NOT receive any money from the schools, or local, state, or federal government for classes.


We rely solely on the generosity of individuals, local churches, organizations, and businesses.  All donations ARE tax-deductible.



Christian Learning Center of Turner County


We are at the beginning stages of implementing a Christian Learning Center (CLC) here in Turner County. Our hope is to offer a class for the middle and the high school in the upcoming school year. These classes will be taught off campus in a local church by a teacher chosen by the Christian Learning Center Board. With approval from the school system, the students will receive an elective credit for these classes.  Through CLC classes, students are taught Christian concepts like honoring parents and respecting authority at all levels, purity before marriage, developing trust-bond friendships, living a life of integrity, and being a leader like Moses, Esther, David, Joshua, Nehemiah and Paul. The learning center will use material provide by the Monroe County CLC that has already been SACS accredited.


We can legally do this because in 1952 the Supreme Court upheld Release Time Religious Education as being constitutional in all 50 states. They concluded that the first amendment prohibits governmental financing of religion or in religious instruction; it does not require the government to be hostile toward religion.


The Christian Learning Center will be maintained and supervised by a board of directors. Currently, Jonathan Perry is serving as Chairman with Philip Crawford serving as Vice Chairman. The board has eleven other faithful members made up of parents, pastors, teachers, and community leaders. We are currently working on establishing our Nonprofit Status and going through the paper work to legalize the organization in Georgia.


The financial resources for this program will come from generous benefactors including individuals, churches, foundations and businesses.  We will receive no money from the school, county or federal government. We currently have a team working on informational material to send out to the churches and community. If you or your church would be interested in helping with the funding of the Christian Learning Center, especially as we are getting started, please let me know.